BloodLine White

BloodLine Belgian White

Line Street Brewing #6. We wanted something brewed with some spices and maybe something extra, so we decided to try a Belgian White, one of my personal favorite styles. We adapted a clone recipe of Avery White Rascal, one of the best whites around. Adapted from the recipe in this homebrewtalk forum along with info from Avery, which has homebrew info for all of their beers. Brewed 3/28/2015.



  1. Add CaraPils malt in a grain bag to 2.5 gallons cold water in boil pot. Leave in until just before water begins to boil
  2. When boiling, turn off heat and stir in liquid and dry extract
  3. Return to boil, set timer for 60 min
  4. At start of boil, add 1oz of Saaz pellets
  5. With 1 minute to go add crushed coriander seeds, bitter orange peel, and blood orange zest
  6. Turn of heat, let sit for 20 minutes for spice/peels to release flavor
  7. Move brew pot (lidded) to ice bath in sink until cool, 20 minutes was perfect for this brew
  8. Activate dry yeast per instructions
  9. Strain wort into cold water in fermenter. Watch out for how much the mix of orange peel, seeds, and hop mush looks like yesterday's vomit. Add cold water to reach 5 gal.
  10. Pitch yeast when cool


The boil was pretty uneventful. Temp was a perfect 68deg after cooling. OG was 1.050 at 68deg, right on what Avery has on their website. Notes:


First tasted on 5/6, between the Kentucky Derby and Mayweather-Pacquiao. Color much darker and more orange than expected. Tastes lighter than the color with definite orange flavors coming through. Pretty good overall.