Fishin' Line IPA

Fishin' Line IPA

Line Street Brewing #4. Our first IPA. We chose to do a clone brew of Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA, a favorite of the group, based on the extract recipe here. The name Fishin' Line was, of course, inspired by the Dogfish. Brewed 6/28/2014.



  1. Add Crystal malt in a grain bag to 2.5 gallons cold water in boil pot. Leave in until just before water begins to boil
  2. When boiling, turn off heat and stir in extract
  3. Return to boil, set timer for 60 min
  4. At start of boil, add half (0.625 oz.) of the Warrior
  5. Begin continuous hopping: add hops every 1 minute. From 59 to 35min left in the boil add a little more Warrior (~3-4 pellets)
  6. With 35 min left in the boil, move to continuous hopping of the Amarillo and Simcoe. About ~8-10 pellets each minute, being sure to have some left to throw in at the end of the boil
  7. Move brew pot (lidded) to ice bath in sink until cool (shooting for about 80-90deg)
  8. Activate dry yeast per instructions
  9. Strain wort into cold water in fermenter. Add cold water to reach 5 gal.
  10. Pitch yeast when cool


We had the brilliant idea of using the Power Hour Method for our continuous hopping. Usually employed as a drinking game, a power hour compilation switches to a new music video every minute, giving us nice reminder to throw in some hops. Cooling and straining went well and the wort was sitting at 74deg when the rest of the water was added. As usual, the OG measurement was screwed up and we measured the concentrated wort before adding water up to five gallons. It was probably at about 90deg and ~3gal. That measurement was 1.13 for whatever it's worth. Notes:


First tasted 2 weeks after bottling. A rousing success overall. Great color, a rich orange-amber. Great hoppy aroma. The first taste has a strong citrus flavor with a nice dry finish. Definitely nice and strong (noticeable after drinking two), but no boozy taste. Smooth. We're still waiting to do a side by side with the real DFH 60.