Line Drive Amber Ale

Line Drive Amber Ale

Second brew from the crew of Line Street Brewing. An easy-drinking amber ale for the end of summer and beginning of fall. Named Line Drive because we were watching A League of Their Own while brewing. Brewed 8/25/2012.



  1. Add crystal malt in a grain bag to 2.5 gallons cold water in boil pot. Leave in until water begins to boil
  2. Add 2 cans extract syrup when boiling starts
  3. Boil for 60 min
  4. At start, add 1 1/5 oz. Willamette pellets for bittering
  5. At 55 min, add 1/2 oz. Willamette for flavor and aroma
  6. Move brew pot (lidded) to ice bath in sink until cool (shooting for about 80deg)
  7. Activate dry yeast per instructions
  8. Strain wort into cold water in fermenter. Add cold water to reach 5 gal.
  9. Pitch yeast when cool


Cooled with brew pot in sink again. Still went pretty fast, although not as fast as last time. Forgot to buy spring water and a grain bag, had to go to Foodmaster twice to get things. We used cheesecloth to replace the grain bag. OG measured 1.030. Again that seems suspiciously low. Recipe computes 1.046 - 1.050. Maybe its time to get a new hydrometer.

FG should be about 1.010-1.014 (for 4.5-4.9 ABV). And about 26 IBUs.


Another successful brew. Deep amber color, quite hazy. Tastes like something between an amber and brown. Nutty up front and a little fruity with just a hint of sour. I chalk it up to the yeast strain and the slightly warmer fermentation temperature. Decent head retention, but not great.

Update: As the Line Drive aged if definitely skewed more brown than amber. Michele thoroughly enjoyed seeing the transformation.