Linebacker Stout

Linebacker Stout

Line Street Brewing #3. Smooth stout for a colder winter's day. Named Linebacker because it was brewed during the NFL playoffs. Brewed 1/13/20133.



  1. Add specialty grain in a grain bag to 2.5 gallons cold water in boil pot. Leave in until water begins to boil
  2. Add 2 cans extract syrup when boiling starts
  3. Boil for 60 min
  4. At start, add 1 oz. Fuggles in grain bag for bittering
  5. At 55 min, add 1 oz. Fuggles in grain bag for flavor and aroma
  6. Move brew pot (lidded) to ice bath in sink until cool (shooting for about 80deg)
  7. Activate dry yeast per instructions
  8. Strain wort into cold water in fermenter. Add cold water to reach 5 gal.
  9. Pitch yeast when cool


Cooled with brew pot in sink again. Had a bunch of extra ice and accidentally over did the cooling. Wort was measuring 54deg after adding the rest of the water. One difference was that the water we bought was refrigerated before we got it, so after spending the boil time in the freezer it was actually partially frozen. I rehydrated the yeast in warm water. I then spent several minutes slowly spooning cold water into the mug to try to get the down closer to the wort temp. OG measured 1.030 @ 54deg. As usual, overly low measurement.


Good. A little lighter than hoped for. Maybe closer to a porter than a stout. Should be better after some aging.