Over the Line Golden Ale

Over the Line Golden Ale

Easy drinking pale ale brewed with Jamie, Shelby, and Michele. They wanted to learn how, and we decided to go for something light and summery. Initially based on a pale ale recipe from Joy of Home Brewing. Brewed 4/29/2012.



  1. Add crystal malt in a grain bag to 2 gallons cold water in boil pot. Leave in until water begins to boil
  2. Add 2 cans extract syrup when boiling starts
  3. Boil for 60 min
  4. At start, add 1 oz. Cascade pellets for bittering
  5. At 50 min, add 1/2 oz. Cascade for flavor
  6. At 58 min, add remaining 1/2 oz. Cascade
  7. Move brew pot (lidded) to ice bath in sink for ~20min
  8. Active dry yeast per instructions
  9. Strain wort into cold water in fermenter. Add cold water to reach 5 gal.
  10. Pitch yeast when cool


Used a new 16qt stainless steel pot for brewing. Worked nicely, and won't add any ``flavors'' like the old cracked enamel pot.

Cooled the brew pot in the sink instead of trying to cool the plastic fermenter with the full five gallons. After about 20 minutes in ice and cold water in the sink, it was good to go. After adding 3 gallons from the freezer, the temp was 61deg. OG measured 1.032, but that seems suspiciously low. Recipe computes 1.046 - 1.050.


Great! Pours golden, a little darker than desired. A bit hazy. Nice head that lasts fairly long. Tastes great. A nice easy drinker, but you can definitely tell that the hops are there.