Across State Lines Cider

Across State Lines Cider

Line Street Brewing #7, a spiced cider. Made super easy by participating in a group cider buy through our local homebrew store. We decided to 'holiday' it up a little with some classic spices. This one's name is inspired losing one of our normal brewers, who sadly moved several states away. "Brewed" 10/28/2015.



  1. Prep the yeast in some warm water
  2. Sanitize an airlock, scooper, and a stir spoon
  3. Add yeast nutrient (1 tsp/gallon). Stir
  4. Measure gravity
  5. Pitch yeast
  6. After primary fermentation completes, add spices. We the put cinnamon sticks, allspice, and cloves in a grain bag and covered them with a few ounces of vodka to both sterilize and extract some flavor. We added the cardamom to the vodka as well, and then dumped all of it (vodka included) into the fermenter. Let steep for a week


Gravity was measured 1.048. We used a new bucket for fermentation, but forgot to buy a stick on thermometer, so we don't have any temperature info. The temp seemed about right at pitch, though, and never changed too much. Notes:


Interesting, when bottling the aroma and taste of the spices was definitely there, but upon tasting, they are basically undetectable. Although the spices didn't come through, it's still very good. It tastes almost exactly like our previous cider. We'll have to up the ante if we try this one again.