Tree Line Cider

Tree Line Cider

Line Street Brewing #5. Our first Cider this time. Our local homebrew store make this super easy. They have a deal with an orchard in Western Mass. Drop your bucket off a the store, pay $30, and they sanitize it and filled it with fresh-pressed, unpasteurized, beautiful apple cider. Basically all we had to do was pitch yeast. "Brewed" 1/14/2015.



  1. Prep the yeast in some warm water
  2. Sanitize an airlock, scooper, and a stir spoon
  3. Add yeast nutrient (1 tsp/gallon). Stir
  4. Measure graivty
  5. Pitch yeast


Man, this makes beer look hard. Half an hour from start to finished cleaning up. Gravity was measured 1.052 at 48deg (converts to 1.051 at 68deg). The cider was sitting at 48deg when we pitched, so it took a little while to get the yeast going. Notes:


With all the snow, we finally got around to a first tasting four weeks after bottling on 3/1. Tree Line pours a beautiful light gold color with lots of small bubbles, reminiscent of champagne. A light cider aroma; it doesn't hold a head for long at all. The taste is dry and tart with a hint of apple sweetness, overall very pleasant and effervescent. Definitely a win for our first cider.