Around Gualaceo

We agained rented a minivan and driver for the day and took off to see sights near Gualaceo and Cuenca. The main attraction was Ingapirca, a site of Incan ruins.

The ruins at Ingapirca. The Incas actually added to an earlier Canari indian site.

The whole site is laid out in the shape of a lizard. Teh feet are in the foreground of this picture with the head at the top.

Llamas grazing next to the ruins.

Close up of Inca stonework. The stones are laid together with no mortar, and still fit so closely you can't slip a sheet of paper between them.

The Temple of the Sun, the cermonial heart of the ruins.

Credit: Edgar
The whole group at Ingapirca, including Edgar's parents and cousin Patricia.

The Inca's face in the rocks below Ingapirca.

I'd make a joke about 'chiseled features' but that would be in poor taste.

In nearby Biblian, Santuario de la Virgen del Rocio, or 'Sactuary of the Virgen of the Dew,' a church built high on a hillside directly into the living rock.

I especially enjoyed the neon signs above the altar.