Ecuador's capital and largest city

The teleferiQo, a tram that runs up the side of the Pichincha volcano, one of the mountains that rings Quito.

Looking down upon the city from the top.

Other mountains around the city.

Credit: Justin

An old church in Quito.

The Mitad del Mundo ("middle of the World"), a monument marking the location of the equator. The busts commemerate the party who first determined the exact location.

A close up of the monument.

My feet straddling the world.

Justin and I looking for geosynchronous satellites.

The designer of Upson Hall gets around. I've now seen these stupid yellow tiles in Ithaca, Montreal, and Quito.

A fountain with the giant Virgen de Quito in the background. This was taken from a park in one of the worst areas of Quito. As soon as I whipped out my camera, Bernardo nearly fainted and some seedy looking characters definitely began coveting our possesion and walking towards us. I snapped the shot in a hurry.

The Ecuadorian White House, where whoever happens to be the Ecuadorain president that day resides.

Credit: Justin
Iron Work in Old Town Quito.

Credit: Tamarah/Mike
Hi-ho Llama, away!