Prague - Into Hell

Our tour of Prague Castle continues with a trip down the Golden Lane.

Golden Lane crowds, Prague, Czech Republic
The Golden Lane, originally named after some goldsmiths who moved up onto the hill. I think they keep the name because they make a mint off of all the tourists they shove into this little street.

Golden Lane Kafka house, Prague, Czech Republic
No. 22, one of the famed little houses on the row. This was one was once occupied by Franz Kafka.

St Vitus Rear, Prague, Czech Republic
Big old backside of the Vitus Church.

Hell Entrance, Prague, Czech Republic
We went further up the hill to the Strahov Monastery, an abbey that been operating continuously for many, many hundreds of years. Currently there is a restaurant called Peklo (meaning 'hell') housed in the 12th century beer cellar.

Peklo (Hell) candlelit table, Prague, Czech Republic
Michele at the candle lit table in Hell. The place was really cool. It's quite a hike up the hill, but definitely one of the most unique places I've eaten. If you go to Prague, it should definitely be on your 'Czech list.' Sorry, uncalled for.

View of Prague Castle, Prague, Czech Republic
We found a path leading out the backside of the monastery, and it eventually led to a statue of Mary with this overlook of the city.

View of Prague Castle, Prague, Czech Republic
Another shot of Prague Castle.

Dome in St Nicholas, Prague, Czech Republic
The interior dome of St Nicholas, another Prague church. At this point, I'm running out of things to say about churches.

Charles Bridge Statue, Prague, Czech Republic
One of the many statues on the Charles Bridge. This one depicts St. Fonzie after saving the children of Prague from horrible television. "Aaay!"

Old Jewish Graveyard, Prague, Czech Republic
Old Jewish Graveyard, in the Jewish Quarter of Prague. The Jews only really had one cemetery, so they just sort of buried everyone on top of each other. Over 12,000 people are buried on this little plot, up to twelve layers deep.

At U Fleku Beer Hall, Prague, Czech Republic
We stopped for a drink at U Fleku, one of the oldest traditional beer halls in Prague. We savored a liter together.

Pivovar U Fleku, Prague, Czech Republic
Exterior of U Fleku, established in 1499.

Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic
A shot of the Charles Bridge.

Prague water scene, Prague, Czech Republic
Water scenery in Wallenstein Gardens.

Town of 100 Spires, Prague, Czech Republic
Michele got this view of town from the top of the tower at the foot of the Charles Bridge. They don't call it the City of 100 Spires for nothing.

Square at Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic
Square at the foot of the Bridge. One guy with an Umbrella. 'Czech it out!' (Uncalled for.)

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