Misadventures in Boonie Stomping 1

Welcome to Guam, a small U.S. territory in the middle of the Pacific, inhabited by native Chamorros, American servicemen, and Japanese tourists.

First night we went to Chamorro Village, a weekly fair of Chamorro food and crafts. The only picture I got was this one of a carabao's ass. Carabao are a kind of water buffalo raised on the island. We also tried 'tuba,' a drink made from the sap of coconut palms.

Sign at Two Lover's Point
The next we toured the island. It's only 35 miles long and 5 wide so it doesn't take to long. First stop, TwoLover'sPoint, where, legend has it, two young Chamorro lovers wanted to be closer together so they removed the spaces from the native written language.

Or maybe the story goes that their love was forbidden by the Spanish colonials so they comitted suicide together from the cliffs here. I don't remember which.

Two Lover's Point view
Part of the view from Two Lover's Point.

Two Lover's Point view of Tumon Bay
Tumon Bay from Two Lover's. Tumon is the main hotel/shopping/tourist district on Guam.

Two Lover's Point view
Reefs from above.

Two Lover's Point view
I wanted to do a Titanic style picture with Tim, but streams of Japanese families kept taking the right spot, so we settled for this.

Waterfall valley start
Next we started our first 'boonie stomp.' Boonie stomping the the Gaumian term for hiking. This stomp was called Waterfall Valley.

Waterfall valley hike
Tricky descent to the first falls. Sadly, I missed the part where Tim was flailing around on the rope like a fresh caught fish.

Waterfall valley first fall
The first falls.

Waterfall valley mud butt
The first fall Tim took into a large mud puddle.

Waterfall valley second fall
The second falls.

Guam Latte
After we cleaned Tim up, we continued our drive around the southern tip of the island. This is a latte, a stone used to mark the location of a chief's house in Chamorro culture.

Guam southern mountains
The southern mountains of Guam. They're the highest points on the islands, topping out at about 1300ft.

Guam southern mountains
It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a guy who fell in the mud earlier and wound up wearing this!

Anderson AFB
The next day we toured Anderson Air Force Base at the northern end of the island. Here's a B-52 flying over the base. Note the nice trail of black smoke coming out the back of the 40 year old plane.

Anderson AFB beach
These cliffs are the backdrop to one of the beaches that is on-base. The Air Force maintains this beach and provides lifeguards and a clubhouse for people to go relax at.

Ritidian Point
The beach at Ritidian Point, part of a national wildlife refuge. An extremely pretty beach with a reef that great for snorkeling. Except when we went there at an extremely low tide. There was a foot of water if you were lucky.

Ritidian Point
The beach again. This picture would have been much better but for the giant storm blocking the sun.

Ritidian Point
The storm in question.