Hanauma Bay and Bishop Museum

We began the next day with a little snorkeling trip to Hanauma Bay on the southern coast of Oahu. The bay is a nature preserve that has some good snorkeling (if you get away from the masses of amateurs that clog and cloud up the shallows near the shore).

Hanauma Bay from above
The bay from above. Tim and I began on the far side, swam out a few hundred yards, and then swam all the way across the bay and back in.

the beachHanauma Bay from above
The people on the beach. Once you swim out past where they all are, the visibility gets really nice, there are some beautiful live coral blooms, and plenty of fish and wildlife.

Hanauma Bay
Definitely a beautiful place.

Bishop Museum entrance
That afternoon we went into Honolulu for a little cultural learning at the Bishop Museum.

Bishop Museum magma demonstration
They have a nice science demonstration which involves actual molten rock. Everyone loves liquid hot magma.

Snail riding
I feel that this picture of me riding a gigantic snail is self explanatory.

Recommended Reading:

Sailing in the Wake of the Ancestors by Ben Finney. Tim picked up this book in the Bishop Museum gift shop and it was a good choice. Ben Finney focuses on the story of native Hawaiians who want regain the knowledge of their ancestors and take up long distance sailing, ancient Polynesian style. It details the construction of a huge voyaging canoe using traditional methods and follows the sailors through a several thousand mile journey, navigating only with their knowledge of the sun, stars, waves, and ocean.