Time to take care of some of the things we wanted to do last time we were in Hawaii but didn't have time for. First up: Windsurfing. We rented a pair of windsurfers for half a day. We got no lessons or intruction, so what followed was fairly frustrating, painful, and comedic.

Windsurfers, Kailua Beach
Tim checks the equipment before we begin.

Windsurfing at Kailua Beach
Brett demonstrates the skills he learned by falling over repeatedly.

Windsurfing at Kailua Beach
Tim shows the form we've all come to know him for.

And then demonstrates the advanced skill of windsurfing backwards.

Kailua Beach
Kailua Beach

Interesting sunburn pattern
In addition to a healthy respect for balancing on water, ropes eating my hands, and the forces of Mother Nature, I also gained this fancy sunburn pattern. Tim thought it was a map to an uncharted treasure island, but since he was the one who put sunscreen on my back, it was all just his imagination.

Albino gecko
This gecko also tried to mate with me because the sunburn looked like the distinctive markings of his wife.