The Imperial Palace, the Akihabara District, and Raw Red Meat

We started our second day with lunch in a fancy building in the Ginza district.

Restaurant view, Maranouchi Center
The view from the restaurant.

Horse sashimi
A little appetizer of horse sashimi. Nothing like a little raw horse meat to start a meal. I can only describe its taste as that of raw red meat.

For dessert? Some red beans with gelatinous cubes. Mmmm.

Tokyo Tower
Next we started wlking toward the Imperial palace. This is a view of Tokyo Tower.

Imperial Palace
A view of (what we could see of) the imperial palace. Basically you couldn't get close, see anything interesting, and had to walk across a big, hot wasteland to get there. We were unimpressed.

Imperial Palace
Guarded Gate.

Imperial Palace
The Imperial Wasteland as we called it.

Imperial Palace
This bridge is famous for some reason. I don't know why.

Imperial Palace
Or maybe it was this bridge. Overall, the Imperial Palace made us hot and cranky, so we went to Akihabara, the famed electronics district of Tokyo.

Akihabara, Sega
A huge SEGA arcade. This whole area is full of multi-story electronics stores, multi-story 'adult outlets', and multi-story businesses vaguely related toeither of those industries.

Maid Cafe
There are also lots of Maid Cafes there. A Maid Cafe is essentially a like a Japanese Hooters. But instead of scantilly clad, surgically enhanced women, the people who work there are all young women dressed as maids (as in French maid), who refer to you as Lord or Master. Tim and Justin kindly paid for me to play a game against our waitress. I beat her soundly in a rock 'em, sock 'em robot like game. My prize: a microwaveable dinner. Sweet! The whole experience was kind of sureal (especially since no one spoke any English there).

Conveyor Sushi
We had dinner at conveyor belt sushi place. All kinds of little plates pass in front of you and you grab whatever you want. Tasty, and pretty cheap.

Some sort of mussel Tim was eating.

1000 dollar Toilet
Justin and I explored the wonderful world of Yodobashi Camera, a giant electronics store near our hotel. We found this toilet seat with integrated washing functions that sells for $1000.

Subaru building
We decided to go hit the town that night. This is the Subaru building we walked by.

Golden Gai
The Golden Gai, a nightlife district near our hotel. We found a night club after walking for while and having some Kenyan try to bilk us out of $60.

Golden Gai adn McDonalds
Of course after hitting the town we had to stop for late night Teriyaki McBurgers. Not bad. Not bad at all.