The Meiji Shrine - Peace in the Sea of People

After Tim greeted me at the airport with a sign saying "Shark on Fire," we made our way to the hotel room where we were supposed to meet up with Justin. However, several blocks before the hotel, another white guy walked up to me on the street and something. Much to my suprise, it was Justin. 20 million people in Tokyo and we ran into each other on the street. Things were starting well in Japan.

Lobby of the Tokyo Hyatt Regency
The lobby of our hotel, the Hyatt Park Regency Tokyo. It was very nice, very conveniently located, and very free thanks to Tim's dad.

view from of the Tokyo Hyatt Regency view from of the Tokyo Hyatt Regency view from of the Tokyo Hyatt Regency
The view from our room on the 26th floor.

Path to Meiji
Our first order of business, was to visit the Meiji shrine. The shrine is dedicated to an emperor, and is like a little oasis of green in the middle of the city.

colorful barrels at Meiji
Colorful barrels decorate the way to the shrine.

Gate at Meiji
Gate leading up to the shrine.

entrance to Meiji
Entrance to Meiji.

Part of the architecture. Unlike a lot of shrines in Japan this one is made almost entirely out of wood (a type of cedar).

The interior of the shrine.

KFC delivered
Although the food was challenging in many parts of Japan, this is one thing they certainly have right: KFC delviered by motorcycle. America is definitely behind on this technology.