The Sensoji Shrine and an Interesting Dinner

Later that same day we went to the Sensoji Shrine in the Asakusa section of Tokyo. Then we went in search of whale meat for dinner, but the place that sold it was closed when we got there. I think we did well for ourselves though.

Busy Tokyo street
Busy street crossing.

Provacative DP
Even the Dr. Pepper that comes out of the ubiquitous vending machines is a bit scary and different (and sexual).

The Sensoji Shrine

Sensoji Buddha
A buddha outside the temple.

Shrine architecture in an artistic photo.

More shrine architecture.

Sensoji from the urinal
One of the best shrine views actually came from the urinal in the men's room.

Fresh wasabi
The first part of our meal. Fresh grated wasabi root with some sort of tofu based thing washed down with a beer. We also had wasabi flavored raw octopus with sake.

Grilled ray's fin
As we drank an entire bottle of sochu (a sweet potato based liquor), we grew more bold and ordered ray's fins that we cooked ourselves on this little charcoal grill. Tasted like a fish jerky.

I'll leave you with these words of wisdom provided by the Suntory Beverage Corporation:
Suntory dreams
So deep.