Sumo Wrestling in Nagoya

The next morning we took the shinkansen (bullet train) down to Nagoya to begin a really long day. First, we would go to a sumo tournament in Nagoya, then take some more trains, climb Mt Fuji all night long, see the sunrise, climb down, and return to the hotel. Easy as pie.

Sewing on Shinkansen Sewing on Shinkansen
Of course, the first thing that happened when we got to the train station was that the strap on my backpack broke. I was able to find a sewing kit at the station and spent most of the train ride sewing. But, I'll have you know, the strap help all the way up Fuji (and is still holding to this day).

A taste of the bullet train speeds.

Sumo ring
We got to Nagoya and went straight to the sumo tournament. It was quite cool. There's a whole lot a pagentry and tradition and then two fat guys attack each other til one falls down or exits the ring.

Sumo start

A sample match.

Sumo ring
That's a lot of man ass.

Sumo banner
Banner outside the arena.