Brighton Ė Farewell on Arms

(Youíll get it at the end of the page)


I took one last trip on my last weekend in England.A quick train ride down to the south coast and Brighton Beach.


Royal Pavilion


The Royal Pavilion, Prince Georgeís private beach playground. Opulent staterooms (not again) and cool architecture.


Brighton Pier


Brighton Pier.Rides, fish, chips, donuts, and general fair atmosphere.Itís tacky and fun.


Brighton Beach


The Beach!Sadly it was 65 degrees and threatening to rain.Not many bathing beauties out.


Rocky Beach


And the entire beach looks like this.It actually can be quite comfortable, but itís hard to walk on.


Burnt Pier


Remnants of the West Pier.They used to have dueling fair pier action until this one burnt down.Not the stormy looking sky and sea.Things werenít looking too good.



But me, Iím an optimist.



I went up to a bookstore, bought the latest Harry Potter book, and found a nice empty spot on the beach.



I got all the way to page 3 and then ...








Seagull Poop





I turned around, wiped myself off, and left England without looking back.