This is the place where everything starts.And by ďeverythingĒ I mean my normal English days.Here resides the University of Surrey and the Surrey Space Centre (Iím still not sure what a centre is though), which, oddly enough, I donít seem to have any pictures of.Iím sure I can fix that later though. But without further ado some of the other things in Guildford:



Guildford Castle Keep


The Guildford Castle keep.The castle was started sometime within a few years of the Norman Invasion in year 1066. Which makes it old as crap.It was used by royalty for several hundred years after it was built.It lands once included a large hunting park, which is now where the University is located.The town of Guildford was founded sometime between 600 and 900 A.D. Sadly no one here is old enough to remember the exact date.


Guildford Castle Gardens


Part of the Castle Grounds.Beautiful gardens, and I also found out it was a good place to see English girls sunbathing on warm weekend days.


Guildford Castle View


A view of the town from the top of the castle.The tall building in the background is Guildford Cathedral.I know youíre that thinking ďoh, an English cathedral, that must be hundreds of old and really neat!Ē Youíd like to think that wouldnít you! The Guildford Cathedral was built in the 1950ís and isnít exciting at all, unless you really like altar boys.But do note that the university and my room are just on the other side of the cathedral.


Guildford Castle View


Another view from the top, with a peek at the bowling green below.


Guildford Castle Graffiti


Graffiti in the chapel of the castle.Note the date of 1771.Also carving something into the wall were a future saint and a couple of kings and queens.Those damn teenagers!


St. Mary's Church


St. Maryís Church, the oldest remaining building in Guildford.The tower on it was begun in the year 1050.I mean itís not 1000 years old, but I guess itís still somewhat impressive.


OK, I broke down and took a picture of the Guildford Cathedral:


Guildford Catherdral at Night


This was taken from right outside my room.