London I: The Beginning


My first trip into the city.I met my friend Becky in the late afternoon and we did some evening site seeing.Except itís summer and London is at latitude 51N so it doesnít getdark here until 10 pm or so.Anyways, this was more of an outside the buildings tour as pretty much everything was closed.


Big Ben


Big Ben (in case you didnít recognize it). We were there at 7:35 pm.


British House of Parliment


The other end of the House of Parliament with the Union Jack flying strong.


Westminster Abbey


The front of Westminster Abbey.I didnít get to go in and hang out with really famous dead people, but Iím sure they have gone anywhere when I get back. Newton and Chaucer could never run very fast anyways.


View from the London Eye


Part of the view from the London Eye, which is essentially a big ass ferris wheel.You and 20 of your closest pals ride in a circle for about twenty minutes.It would have been much better in the dark, but they close down too early for that.


Parliment Lit up


Parliament again.Wouldnít this picture be much better if everything around it was dark?


London Eye


Looking into the Eye.


Brett and Becky


Becky and I in the Eye.I know Becky from Virginia Tech but I donít think Iíve seen her Blacksburg in like 3 years.Last summer we met in Texas and this summer in England.Maybe Iíll run into her in Africa somewhere next year.


Dali Statue


Hey, is that Taylor in font of me? (For those of you who donít know my brother just had this particular piece of Daliís artwork tattooed onto his calf.)