London IV Ė Meet the Parents (and Cousins)


My parents decided to take the opportunity and come to visit me.They also brought along two my cousins, Katie and Alyssa.We spent 3 days in London and 3 in Paris, and had quite the good time.




Me, the parents, and the Tower Bridge.



Me and the girls.



We took a day trip out to Windsor Castle.Itís frickiní huge and the inside is absurdly opulent.



A carving of St. George slaying a dragon.



Windsor Castle is only a few miles from Heathrow.



Me and the fam again.



The girls try to get a date for the evening.



We went (grudgingly for my Dad and I) to Madam Tussaudís Wax Museum.Apparently Iím taller than Einstein.



My dad works the Streetman magic on Queen Victoria.



Mom and Tom Jones.Note the location of Tomís hand.That cheeky bastard!