London V Ė The Return of Timmy


My parents flew back to the states, I worked for 2 days, and then it was time to go traveling again.This time my old traveliní buddy Tim showed up and we took on England and Ireland.First, we do London.




Tim sporting a beard in front of County Hall.



St. Paulís.



The Globe theatre, an exact replica of Shakespeareís original.Weíll return later.



The Tower of London.Again.Sorry, I went there 3 times.



Tim in front of the stage at the Globe.Itís an open-air theater with standing room on the floor and 3 rows of seats.We saw the play Pericles, one which neither Tim or I had ever heard of.The play itself wasnít all that good (it lasted 3 hours and 15 minutes), but the atmosphere and the actors made up for it.



Next we went to the British Museum.Or alternatively, the Huge Depository of Things British People Stole From Other Cultures.Hereís the Rosetta Stone, originally found by the French in Egypt and taken by the British at the end of a war.



In this room resides essentially every remaining sculpture from the Parthenon, the great Greek temple on the Acropolis.Why are they in England you ask?First the Turks took over Greece.Then the British ambassador in Turkey was somehow able to purchase all of the statues.Then at the end of his term he shipped everything back to merry old England.And then whenever the Greeks ask for the carvings back, the British Museum and government simply reply ďno.Ē



A turquoise covered mask from Mexico.Iím not sure how it got to England.



Part of the ceiling of the British Museum.Itís originally British.



We caught a 3D movie about CT scanning mummies.We got the stylish glasses for free!



We moved on to the Victoria and Albert Museum.Itís been referred to as the nationís attic.Itís got cool displays of essentially every kind of art from every culture around the world.This is the glass chandelier in the entrance hall.



This is one of 2 giant rooms of casts of statues that are located in other places around the world.Note that the small white thing at the bottom of the rear column is a person.Also note that the rear column is supposed to fit on top of the front column.Itís tall.



Next we went back to Buckingham Palace.The staterooms there are open for touring for about one month a year.This was one of those times so we took the tour.It was pretty cool, but I thought Windsor Castle was better.The picture above is back door entrance to the palace.We left through the back door and moved straight on to Ireland.