The Bride

Originally from Orange County, California, I've always been a West Coaster at heart! After spending my college years in LA, no one (especially me) could have foreseen the series of moves that would land me in the Northeast for the next 13 years. After a month-long trip to Peru with a few college friends, I moved to Boston for a job at an engineering R&D lab. It was the best decision I've ever made - Jumping into the unknown and starting over has shaped the person I am today and has allowed me to build the most amazing network of friends! A couple years later, after realizing that more job opportunities would be available in R&D with a graduate degree, I moved to Ithaca, New York to study aerospace engineering. Five years later, I ended up back in Boston where the adventure continues!

The Groom

I was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia. I went to study engineering at Virginia Tech, and after four great years, I decided to stay in school instead of getting a real job. So, I headed up north to Ithaca to go to grad school and brave the frigid weather. While there I was fortunate enough to meet Michele and (eventually) come to my senses and start dating her. After four years in Ithaca, I got a job in Boston. I managed to convince Michele to join me in Massachusetts (and even get a job at the same company), and the rest is history.

Life Together

We met over 10 years ago as first-year grad students at Cornell when we both started working with the same Ph.D. research advisor. Besides working in the same research group, we also had many mutual friends that we'd spend time with outside of work. After getting to know each other well over 4 years at Cornell, we started dating in early 2008. Brett graduated a few months later and left for Boston in August 2008. We spent the next 8 months driving between Ithaca and Boston every other weekend until Michele finally finished her thesis, interviewed for jobs, and eventually found a good fit - at the same company! She moved to Boston with her trusty cat, Tigger, in April 2009. Since then, we've enjoyed having real jobs, traveling, brewing beer, supporting each other in a variety of fitness goals, and buying a home together.